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Seth Johnston’s stuff

Seth Johnston’s stuff

August 3, 2020

This week Hunter is away because he is on the road moving back to Arkansas!


So we got guest host Seth Johnston to take over the pod.


They read this:


Hunter is going to clean Jake’s new toilet
Smells and The World Order

Smells and The World Order

July 20, 2020

Jake reveals he don't know his own smells, Hunter toys with the hosting hierarchy of the show. 


This week we read:


Talkin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

Talkin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

July 14, 2020

Wherein Jake describes himself as "un-pollable" and we talk about the boogaloo boys.


Towards the end we have homework assignments!


Here is the article for this week:


Into Shadows - Qanon Part 2

Into Shadows - Qanon Part 2

July 6, 2020

Today Hunter and Jake review the movie OUT OF SHADOWS. They do a butt-load of live-podcast research.


Best part of the movie:



Do your own research! 

QAnon Part 1
Does Civilization Work?

Does Civilization Work?

May 23, 2020

Welcome to What is Stuff? With Hunter and Jake.


Today we screw around and talk about The Unabomber.


Here is what we read (or Jake read):